• Crown-Tipped Coral Mushroom Soup

    Flavored with sweet paprika, caraway, garlic, and marjoram, this hearty goulash-based soup features crown-tipped coral mushrooms.
  • White Pizza with Scarlet Elfcups

    Ever since I learned about scarlet elfcups, I knew I wanted to make something delicious with them. After doing some research, it turns out that many people use them on pizza, because they resemble pepperoni. This pizza is all about spring flavors, combining fresh herbs with creamy ricotta and mozzarella cheeses and the bright scarlet elfcups.
  • Mushroom Sourdough Soup (Kyselo)

    If you have some sourdough starter in your fridge and dried mushrooms laying around, this soup is for you! Originally from the Krkonoše Mountains ...
  • Mushroom Potato Pockets

    These pockets are made of potato dough and filled with Duxelles, a delicious mushroom mixture. Top with caramelized onions for the ultimate treat.

  • Mushroom & Dill Soup (Kulajda)

    Dried mushrooms are the perfect ingredient for winter soups. My family has made this traditional South Bohemian soup with mushrooms, potatoes and poached eggs ever since I can remember. Adding cream and dill finishes the soup to perfection.

  • Pickled Maitake

    If you have a lot of maitake on your hands, pickling is a delicious way to preserve it. Parboiling the mushroom florets in the brine makes these ready to eat right away and adding some carrots and red onions brings extra color and flavor. 
  • Lobster & Shrimp Mushroom Bisque

    Don't be fooled! Made with lobster and shrimp of the woods mushrooms, this bisque is seafood-free, vegan, and gluten-free and yet super rich and creamy thanks to blended cashews.
  • Buffalo Chicken of the Woods Pizza

    This deep dish pizza is made with homemade dough and filled with sautéed chicken of the woods mushrooms smothered in spicy buffalo sauce along with shredded mozzarella and blue cheese crumbles. Drizzle with a creamy blue cheese dressing and sprinkle with green onions to finish it to perfection. 
  • Chicken and Dumplings with Wild Mushrooms

    Chicken and dumplings is a popular Southern comfort food. Give it a classy update with some wild mushrooms and slab bacon to create a mouthwatering fall supper.
  • Porcini Mushroom Risotto

    Combine earthy porcini mushrooms and Arborio rice with some sage and a splash of wine to create the perfect risotto full of rich, nutty flavorStir in parmesan and some freshly ground pepper to finish this super creamy rice dish.
  • Wild Mushroom Duxelles

    Duxelles is a simple, scrumptious mixture of finely chopped mushrooms, onions, and herbs. Serve it on bread as a quick snack, make it into a no-fuss appetizer à la bruschetta with some goat cheese, or use it as a filling for ravioli.
  • Sautéed Milkcaps

    This simple recipe for sautéed milkcaps is inspired by my grandfather, who loved fishy milkcaps (Lactifluus volemus) sautéed in butter with some salt and caraway seed. Enjoy them with some delicious bread as an afternoon snack.